Fran Rojas' personal web page


This is Fran Rojas' personal web page.

In this page I want to talk a little about myself and to talk about the Applications that I have developed as a hobby for the people who are interested in them or just presenting it as a showcase.

The web page is based on HTML + jQuery and it includes a server part programmed using Java (downloads), with a simple AJAX communication

My name is Francisco Javier Rojas Garrido.
In this paragraph I will talk about my training and about one of my passions: Programming.

I learnt the basics about how to program when I was young, firstly at the school and after that at home with one of the microcomputers in those days, the MSX.
First, I learned the basics of BASIC and after that I started learning assembler (when I was 15 I already able to programme in those two programming languages).

During high school I learnt the basics of other programming languages: Pascal and Cobol.

Later, after I entered into the university to become a Telecommunications Engineer and the I learnt assembler (8086) and in the last grade, C language.

The final project was also about programming: A part of a library which help to solve equations in partial derivatives, programmed using Fortran.

After the studies, I joined ITS S.A., an IT company which develops management applications. In this company, I learned the basics on how to program using Delphi.

During that phase of my life, I took a Master in Mobile Communications which began to be trendy, and thanks to that master programmeI started to work for Airtel (a company which was later acquired by Vodafone).

In Vodafone, I was working closely with mobile telephony and I was there for 4 years.

At the end of 2004 I started to take a Master's degree on Java and Oracle. I started learning object-oriented programming and refreshed my knowledge about programming which I have not been using for some years.

At the early 2005, I was engaged by a consulting company (Axpe Consulting) working for Telefónica I+D, for a project about programming of mobile telephony which made the prepaid subscribers' tariffs of Telefónica and its subsidiaries.

In that phase I settle the concepts of OOP, because the project was using mainly C++ as programming language.

I also started to get in touch with Linux, which has been very useful to run this cloud server.

In 2009, I started to dedicate part of my spare time to the development of applications as a hobby on applications which eventually I will be the main final user.

From 2014 onwards, programming began to occupied most of my spare time developing several applications. At the same time I started using a cloud server mainly to host my personal web page.

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If you want to contact me, either to give me your comments or to report a bug of any of my applications or just to say hi, you can use this email address: